Only equipment from an approved AcuTread® Alliance Group supplier may be used to produce AcuTread® Process tires. Licensee is required to purchase this new or reconditioned equipment directly from the AcuTread® Alliance Group approved supplier at current prices.


Matteuzzi Buffer

A Matteuzzi Buffer can support approximately 150 tires per shift. We will help you determine needs and considerations to be explored when considering more than one buffer.

(Leasing options are available)


AZ Foreman Cushion Extruder

An AZ Foreman cushion extruder can support up to 150 tires per shift.

(Leasing options are available)


AcuTreader Tread Rubber Builder

The AcuTread® Oribitread rubber builders are fully automatic and are leased to the dealer for the length of the license agreement.  They can support up to 150 tires per shift.

Cima Press

A Cima Press can produce one tire in approximately one hour. We will assist you in determining the optimal number of presses to meet your needs. As your business grows, more presses can be added.

(Leasing options are available)

Mold Designs

Molds are 6 piece segmented molds. We will work with you to determine your requirements for mold designs and mold sizes. Consideration will be given to number of presses and change over time.

Monorail System

We will help you evaluate proper monorail design and the most economical way to revise and add to your existing system.  The cost of a monorail system is very shop specific and cannot be reasonably estimated without actual layout design.


Ancillary Equipment

Most other manufacturing equipment from an existing precure shop may meet AcuTread® Process requirements.  This includes initial inspection stations, pneumatic lifting equipment, final inspection equipment, tire painter, etc.


Tracking and Reporting

AcuTread® Technology uses a computerized bar coding system to facilitate easy tracking and reporting for our customers. This technology gives our clients peace of mind in knowing their same tire will always be given back to them.


Approved Rubber Compounds

Only rubber compounds developed and approved by the AcuTread® Alliance Group may be used in the AcuTread® Process tires. Licensee is required to purchase rubber directly from and AcuTread® Alliance Group approved supplier at current prices.  Due to market condition this price can change at times.

Start Up & Royalty Fees

There is an AcuTread® Process Start-Up fee for each new manufacturing location. The Initial Start Up fee is due upon execution of the license agreement. A monthly royalty fee will be added per pound of rubber used will be charged in consideration of the AcuTread® Manufacturing Partner License granted to the licensee. For these fees licensor shall:

    • Define the manufacturing and distribution territory. This territory will be exclusive for each AcuTread® Licensee.

    • Determine equipment needs of Licensee

    • Review and recommend plant layout

    • Develop equipment order with qualified vendors

    • Develop mold order with qualified vendor

    • Receive proprietary AcuTread® Process buff and build programs

    • Receive proprietary AcuTread® mold and bead plate dimensions

    • Receive proprietary AcuTread® tread molds and designs

    • Provide five (5) days training at licensor facility for licensee’s plant manager and up to three (3) other employees.

    • Licensor will conduct a three day visit to licensor’s facility after equipment is installed to assist in transition to AcuTread®.

    • Access to AcuTread® promotional literature

    • Participation in and access to the AcuTread® website

    • On-going consulting and trouble shooting advice via telephone, email, etc. 

    • Access to development of new AcuTread® mold designs

*The terms and conditions of operating with the AcuTread® Process are defined in the AcuTread® Manufacturing Partner - License Agreement.